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Welcome, to our site! After living for some time in Israel and then in the UK we've now moved to Germany. We'd like to share our experiences with you. We hope you have as much fun reading as we have writing.




January 2022

Laissez les bons temps rouler!!

So yes, i’m going to try this again… this time with an app, so I can write whenever inspiration strikes 😁

In my last post I mentioned that the plans for our house were almost done. They were, but life didn’t agree with our plans and here we are pretty much at the same stage with our future home. But, Emanuël now has a permanent position and we now know that in about a year we will actually be moving in! Yay!🎊

As for me, I quit my job and went back to being a student. For real. Last October my first semester started and I’ve just finished my first set of exams. And passed all of them!! It’s pretty much a dream I’m finally following. I’ve always wanted to study English, but never really believed I could. Turns out I can 🤓 I’m combining it with Computer Linguistics, which means I’m learning programming, another thing I’d never imagined I could do!

Although I still have an exam to go in April, we’ve used the lecture-free period for a short holiday in New Orleans. My favorite thing to do in any city, is to find a spot were I can sit and watch. I’ll just take out my book, read a bit, look around and try and get a feel for the city. New Orleans though, is a city full of tourists on the one hand and quiet neighbourhoods on the other. So, I was having a hard time getting a feel for the city, because I was either surrounded by (drunk) tourists or walking through area’s where I’d hardly see anybody at all. But yesterday that changed. I sat most of the day in a small park just north of the French Quarter enjoying the Congo Square Rhythm Festival. There was music, food, some arts and crafts and most importantly a very good atmosphere. I expected it to be very touristy, but it seemed to attract quite a few locals too. And it’s finally giving me a sense of the city.

Emanuël is already back in Germany, but my flight is not until tomorrow, so today was my last full day in the city. I was invited to join the landlady of the place I’m staying in and her family at a quite unique parade, organized by the sol called Marsi Gras Indians. They make these amazing suits, all by hand and then strutt through their neighbourhoods wearing them. It’s extremely chaotic, with people setting up impromptu food stalls all over the place along the route and everybody trying to get as close as possible to the Indians to take pictures. I’ll try and put up some pictures once I get home.
I spent the remainder of the afternoon at the Congo Square Festival again before walking back home. A wonderful last day of my vacation here!

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