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Welcome, to our site! After living for some time in Israel and then in the UK we've now moved to Germany. We'd like to share our experiences with you. We hope you have as much fun reading as we have writing.




October 2020
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the last days…

Sunday morning we take it easy getting up and driving to the Underwater Observatory Marine Park. Several people have advised us to go here, but on arrival we are surprised by how small it is… :neutral: But this is the ultimate proof of how a first impression doesn’t have to be the right impression!! :lol: We take the feeding times as our guide and start with the sharks and rays. One of the rays was taken care of here when he was found wounded in the wild. During his stay a bond developed between him and the divers…everytime one of the divers enters the water the ray will be there first thing, not to get food, but to be petted!!

After the sharks and rays we walk to an aquarium with fish from the Red Sea, where a diver again is feeding the fish. Because it’s cold in there I walk out a little sooner than the others and discover a small pool with small turtles…soooo nice!! :wink: The next pool is for slightly larger turtles and next again there’s a pool with really big ones! Here we also have a look at the feeding, unbelievable how quickly they manage to eat a piece of salad! :wink:

After a short break for lunch we have a look at the Underwater Observatory itself. Here we can enter a big space under water, to have a look at the artificial reef that’s been created around it. There are dozens of fish, smal, big, bright, stangely formed…great! By the time we rise above water the park is almost deserted…but there’s still time to have a look at the feeding of the Amazon animals. First we listen to some information about the piranhas, really ugly fish, until the light hits their scales and they start shining like gold. And there we are, thinking humans created ‘blingbling’!! :mrgreen: Next is a strange fish, that hasn’t changed much since prehistoric times. It has the nickname ‘perfect husband’ because it keeps its young in his mouth until they are big enough to take care of themselves. During that period he doesn’t eat at all!! Impressive dedication!

By monday it’s time to leave again. Less than an hour driving from Eilat lies Timna Park, where remains of copper mines are to be found. We spend most of the day here. Unfortunately our day is interupted by a not so pleasant surprise…halfway through the day the service light in our car lights up… :evil: A telephone call with the rental agency Eldan results in a promise of a new car, brought to the park. Nice service, but hey, it better be, it’s the 5th car in 3 weeks… :roll: This time we get an almost new car to drive back to Tel Aviv. On our way back we only stop for our diner in Mitzpe Ramon. By the time we arrive home we’re all exhausted and we go to bed right away.

Tuesday we wake up with a drastic change of the weather…it’s raining!!! Thankfully we haven’t got that much more planned. All we want to do is to go to Tel Aviv for some shopping and have another look at Carmel. Unfortunately the arts and crafts market isn’t there, because of the bad weather. But we still manage to get most of what we wanted. Most of all we simply enjoy having each other around, these last days…

Wednesday it’s time for Corry and Pieter to pack their suitcases. Besides that there’s not much more to do. The weather is really lousy now… it’s not just raining, it’s pouring. We have been sooo lucky with the weather so far, these last 2 days won’t bring us down!! :lol:

On thursday we take our time for brunch in Tel Aviv, with a view at the beach. The sun is working in our favour and shines for an hour or 2. Like a goodbye gift to Corry and Pieter. :wink: But then it’s really time for goodbye… With a hug and a kiss we send them on their way at Ben Gurion…

After 6 perfect weeks with our mums and dads we now have 1 week to get ourselves sorted. Some laundry, cleaning…Emanuel has a lot of work to do…I’d like to have the site updated…the pictures should be sorted out… And then we leave for CHINA!!!! :grin:

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