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Welcome, to our site! After living for some time in Israel and then in the UK we've now moved to Germany. We'd like to share our experiences with you. We hope you have as much fun reading as we have writing.




January 2022

New job, new wedding rings, Israel and more

I figured it’s about time I write a new post…to have our New Year’s wishes still at the top in April…mea culpa mea culpa! :mrgreen:
So, what’s happened in the last months… In one word: LOTS!
January was quiet, but then it started… As per February 1st I started a new job. Finally! I’d been looking for exactly 1 year! Apparently Germans like to hire people with German as their mother tongue and a German education/diploma. Guess what, I don’t have either! No matter I have over 7 years of experience in my line of work…I hardly got invited for any interviews at all! And then all of a sudden, 2 job offers at once! One at an auction house, and one in sales support. Although I’ve always considered a position in an auction house a kind of ideal way to get back into the ‘world of art history’, they could only offer me minimum wages for a full time job plus at least 7 Saturdays of auctions. The other offer was much more in line with my previous positions: an office based sales support position, for a cool company that makes and sells indoor cycling bikes. The atmosphere at the office was much nicer, younger and more informal, plus their offer was a much better one, so here I am, working for ICG! And enjoying it too!

Shortly after I started at ICG Emanuël’s parents visited us for about a week, followed by my parents. During that same time Emanuël himself had to travel to Korea for a few days… and then, just days after everything had returned to ‘normal’, we left for a long weekend in the Eifel. We arranged the weekend to celebrate the 5th anniversary of our marriage, and invited our parents plus both witnesses and their partners.
We traveled there ahead of everyone, to prepare things where necessary. As it turned out, there hadn’t been any need for worries. The house we booked was amazing, large, well furnished, including things like dishes and cutlery. It was just perfect. That evening we prepared the next day’s meal and baked a last minute cake, so we’d have something nice to present our guests. 😆
We spent the weekend catching up with everyone, walking around the little village near the house and enjoying the snow. Almost everyone tried out the sleds, Dad and I danced barefoot in the snow, Menno and I had a ridiculous snowball fight (using a snow shovel!), Lian and I made snow angels and Jakob and Emanuël build a gigantuous snowman…I do believe that almost 2 year old Tom was one of the more adult among us. 😉 Nothing like a bit of snow to make you feel like a little kid again!!
Saturday afternoon I was showered with gifts, as it was also my birthday. That same evening Menno en Lian surprised us with a kind of marriage quiz, to ‘check’ what we’d learned about each other in those last 5 years… I’m not sure anymore who won, I just remember we had fun! 
On Sunday we celebrated our 5th anniversary with some bubbly and our new wedding rings. Yes yes, new wedding rings!! When we got married, we decided to go for something simple and not too expensive, so we could buy ‘real’ ones for our 5th anniversary. So that’s what we did!
We returned to work on Wednesday, to leave for Israel again on Friday and Saturday. We didn’t travel together this time. I travelled a day later, because I had a team-building-event at ICG on Friday, and I really wanted to join, as it was my chance to meet those who don’t come to the office regularly. We had good fun, mostly outdoors, but by the time we left I still didn’t know any names, and I wouldn’t have recognized most of them without their hats and scarves anyway .

Our week in Israel was again work related for Emanuël. We did travel around a bit with some of his students, but they still spent most of their time at the university. Which meant I had all the time I wanted to get reacquainted with Tel Aviv. I loved it! Spent some money, tried a few new spots for lunch and just enjoyed the city. But the week was over before we knew it, and soon we had to return to normal life…or something like that 😉

Easter brought us back to NL for a long weekend. And just one and a half week after that I went to Cologne for my first trade show with ICG. This is where I really got to know everyone, figured out who’s who and who does what. After four days of mostly standing I came home with barely enough strength in my legs to walk to my bed.

A good two weeks down the lane, I’ve had a training with BIG Challenge en we’re looking forward to the ascension weekend, when Menno en Lian will come and visit us. Not too long after that I’ll be traveling to France, to join BIG Challenge at Alpe d’HuZes. Maybe after that things will slow down just a little…?

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