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Welcome, to our site! After living for some time in Israel and then in the UK we've now moved to Germany. We'd like to share our experiences with you. We hope you have as much fun reading as we have writing.




January 2022

I wanted Israel…I got Israel…

Because we’d be traveling with 5 people plus luggage we’d arranged a big rental car. We really only needed it to get from the airport to the hotel and from Tel Aviv to Eilat. We did use it on Sunday, to go to Caesarea, but on Monday it stood unused in a parking garage in Tel Aviv. On Tuesday we wanted to go to Jaffa, which we could have done on foot, but we also wanted to find our favourite hummus place (it’s moved), so we decided we’d go by car. Only…the car didn’t start… 🙁
In itself not so much a problem, we called Eldan (the rental agency) and they promised someone would come. I sent the boys ahead to Jaffa and promised to follow them as soon as the problem was fixed. I’d expected we’d get a replacement car, but as it turned out they didn’t have one of the same size available, so they sent a mechanic instead.
From the way he had to rip stuff apart to get the battery exchanged, I suspect he may have been a mechanic specialized in, say…washing machines, or maybe hairdryers… By the time he had the car in what he considered working order I suspected certain parts hadn’t gone back in the same place they were in before, so I refused to drive the car.
6 Phone calls later (3 times hung up on, 3 times promised to be called back, but nobody did) I was in the Tel Aviv branch making a big fuss. And as usual when you make a big fuss about things in Israel, you get your way. 😀 I got the new car just in time to go and pick up the fifth member of our little traveling group at the airport and then make it back to the city for dinner.
Emanuël decided I’d deserved a treat, so we went to Poyke, an African restaurant and one of our favourites around here. One of the reasons it’s a favourite, is their Chokongo, a ridiculously large and absurdly delicious chocolate soufflé. I sang its praise all the way to the restaurant, but even so, the boys had to admit it was everything I’d promised.
After that all was right again in my world. Any lingering frustration about the fuss with the car forgotten, after my favourite chocolate desert EVER.

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