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Welcome, to our site! After living for some time in Israel and then in the UK we've now moved to Germany. We'd like to share our experiences with you. We hope you have as much fun reading as we have writing.




September 2021

traveling around

Sunday we had our first long drive. We got up early and drove one and a half hour to Mount Tabor. This is where the transfiguration of Christ took place. In the bible it says that Jezus went up a mountain with 3 of his disciples where he transfigured. Then he spoke with Moses and Elia (old testament prophets) and after that they heard the voice of God calling him his son. The transfiguration should be seen as a short glimps of the divine hidden inside the human form of Jezus. It’s an important moment for christianity because here, in the presence of 3 witnesses (the legal minimum of those days) it was proven that Jezus was who he said he was. The church that is there now is not even a century old, but build on the ruins of a byzantian and a crusader church. Unfortunately it’s pretty certain nowadays that this could not have been the mountain where the transfiguration would have taken place… according to the bible it all happened in isolated location and we now know for a fact that there was a roman camp on Mount Tabor in Jezus’ days…

From Mount Tabor we continued towards the sea of Galilee, with a lunchbreak in Tiberias. There’s not that much to see there…we’ve taken a look at the crusader citadel and a monastery, but neither of them was really worthwhile. After lunch we drove to Tabgha, where there’s the church of the miracle of the loaves and fishes…apparently this church is closed on sunday… 😥 So we head for Capernaum. This is where Peter’s house once stood. Later a church was build here. There are also archeological remains of the town Kefar Nahum that gave Capernaum it’s name. We end the day at the Mount of Beatitudes, where there’s another (fairly recent) church. Here Jezus supposedly preached about who would go to heaven, like those who are pure of heart, those who have mercy. These are the beatitudes. By the time we leave it’s afternoon and we start our way back home. We have diner at Sahara, our favorite arabic restaurant in Afula.

For monday something different is planned. We take our time getting out of bed and drive to Ceasarea. There we walk around most of the day between the remains. To get a picture of the history of this place we watch the introductory movie and explanation. Once this must have been an impressive city. We have lunch with a view at the sea and the ruins. In the evening we introduce mum and dad Habets to sushi at River, nice and close; our favorite spot to go to when I’ve forgotten to get meat out of the freezer… 😉

The arts and crafts market in Tel Aviv is only there on tuesday and friday, so that’s our next goal. We start at Carmel Market where we get some figs and then we walk on to the arts and crafts market. Here again the jewelery is much appreciated…Corry left her silver jewelery at home and, well you got to have something! 😆 We have lunch at a coffee bar in the center of the market, where we can watch people passing by. But we can’t stay too long, because Emanuel and I have an apointment for some vaccinations…for our trip to China in december!!!!! 😀 We already have the tickets and our visa so now it’s due time for our vaccinations. With a slight tremble in my legs I accept my faith…but of course it’s not that bad at all. We had a sweet russian nurse, who was more afraid of needles than I am! 😆 But she did great, so now we’re waiting for the mussle ache we might get…

Yesterday Emanuel went to Haifa again and because we wanted to meet him for diner we go to Akko during the day. We start with a short walk through the old city: the souk, the turkish bazar, the mosque, a karavanserai and the port. Lunch at a fish restaurant and then to the citadel. To end the day we make a tour through a small museum, with an exibition of old handicrafts and their tools. Very nice!! Our regular place in Haifa is Renne, so that’s where we enjoy our diner with a view at the city.

To recharge the battery for the next few days we take a day of rest today. A little cleaning, writing this post :smile:, sorting out some pictures 😳

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