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December 2021

Dad, this one’s for you…or because of you?

For this one post I’ll be moving away from Japan. Don’t worry, I’ll get back to it with my next posts, but I just had to write about this…
Usually I don’t write about the movies we watch, the books I read etc. This has a reason. My favourite genre of books is Paranormal Romance, which I doubt many of you read, so I don’t see the point of boring you with posts about them. And for movies…well…I’ve been absolutely, thoroughly, irreparably ruined by my dad’s preference in movies. I have grown up watching Bud Spencer movies, with my dad sleeping through most of the films. At the first sign of a fight however, he’d be wide-awake, laughing his socks off and muttering things like ‘look at that face’ ‘there…kaboom’ (or rather its equivalents in the Maastricht dialect). I loved the movies, for the simple fact that my dad had so much fun watching them and for the magic of seeing him wake up before I really realized there’d be a fight, and falling asleep as soon as it was done (signaling to me that that was the most important part of the film!). Additionally, I may have had a slight teen-crush on Terrence Hill… 😉
Don’t be mistaken, my father absolutely, totally abhors violence. But he loves martial arts as the art form it can be. Or the humoristic tool it can be in the hands of someone like Bud Spencer.
Although Bud Spencer was my dad’s favorite, Silvester ‘Rocky’ Stallone, Jean Claude van Damme, Steven Seagal and some older ones I don’t even remember were among the regulars on our movie nights.

Having explained this, you may understand that, for me, a movie like The Expendables is like Christmas, New Year, and my Birthday wrapped up in one KICK ASS little bundle!! And then they do The Expendables 2 and add Jean Claude van Damme!!! His roundhouse kick is still my favorite in the genre. I mean…that film’s a slice of heaven on a big screen!!
Of course, Emanuël, being the sensible man you all know him to be, is happy to miss movies of this caliber. I think he actually fell asleep during the first The Expendables, so I decided to spare him and go and see The Expendables 2 on my own.
And I’m seriously considering going again…
To just give you an idea, this was my favorite bit of dialogue:
Arnold Schwarzenegger:‘I’ll be back’
Bruce Willis:’You’ve been back enough. I’ll be back’
Arnie:’Yippee-ki yay’

Aside from Arnie (looking like a nightmare sized Chucky, with his ginger hair sticking every which way) and Bruce (doing an adorable wealthy schmuck) there’s, as mentioned, Jean Claude van Damme (with more lines than I’ve ever heard him say before, but only 3 of his beautiful kicks 🙁 ), Silvester Stallone (I don’t understand how they can make him win in a fight against Jean Claude???), Jason Statham (he’s as ever, a beautiful lethal dancer) and…wait for it…Chuck Norris (or was it a wax version of him? I’m not sure, with that facelift he’s had…). There are a few more, but once Jason Statham starts moving I tend to miss a lot of what’s happening around him… :mrgreen:
Anyway, I walked out of that cinema with a big smile on my face, having had more fun (laughing out loud, in a cinema!!) while watching a film, than I’ve had with any other recent films. The Expendables 2 is just hilarious.

I’ll admit, if the above makes absolutely no sense to you, you may want to skip the film entirely. But if any of it made you smile, if even just a little, go see it!

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