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Welcome, to our site! After living for some time in Israel and then in the UK we've now moved to Germany. We'd like to share our experiences with you. We hope you have as much fun reading as we have writing.




January 2022

The day after…and more

The day after the wedding was a day of relaxation. After a lie in, the group from the pre-wedding trip went to nearby hot springs as a kind of goodbye do. After all, most of us wouldn’t really meet again…unless Ed and Renée have repeat events in mind. 😉 We spent the early afternoon in and around the water until at some point most of the guests had left. About 9 of us were staying in a village nearby, so we lingered until it was really time to go. After getting our rental car Emanuël and I went to find ourselves a place to stay after which we joined the others for dinner.
Although the day had started out good, by the time we sat down for dinner it rained cats and dogs. And unfortunately that was going to be the trend for our last week. 🙁 That following day we drove all the way to the southern Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica, together with Eveline, her hubby Fredrik, and Tanja. The three nights we spent there were good fun, regardless of the weather. Renée and Ed met up with us the next day and we had a lovely BBQ with some more of Ed and Renée’s friends.
As beautiful as the area was and as sorry as we were to leave the others behind, due to the grayish and wet weather we were almost glad to be heading back to San Jose. We had two nights left there, which meant we had 1 last day for some souvenir shopping in the city, a little more relaxing…and then…back to real life…

But real life was only to last for about two weeks. Soon Emanuël was preparing for his conference in Japan, and me, lucky girl that I am, I was going to join him a couple days later. Ask me to describe Japan in one word and I’ll say weird. But it’s not weird in a bad kind of way…it’s a funky kind of weird. Only the constant bowing is hard for us westerners, I was often uncomfortable with it and insecure about what to do with it and / or how to respond. But hey, according to my Lonely Planet the Japanese expect us to do it all wrong anyway, so I just did whatever I did with a smile…seemed to work reasonably well… 😉
Anyway, this quirky weirdness of Japan stimulated my creative brain cells (the few that I do have) and I decided I will change my way of posting, at least about Japan. What I’ll do is this: I’ll post a picture and write something short about it. Might be just a few words, might be a couple sentences. The pictures will also make their way into the gallery, but there they may have a shorter, simpler text to go with them.
Sooooo, once I’ve started posting like this, let me know what you think, whether you like the old or new style better (and why!). I may decide to only do it for Japan, or it may become the main way of posting, or maybe I’ll mix it up…but it’ll depend a lot on what you think!!

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