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Welcome, to our site! After living for some time in Israel and then in the UK we've now moved to Germany. We'd like to share our experiences with you. We hope you have as much fun reading as we have writing.




January 2022

The big day…

And then finally…the big day! Off course it was Renée and Ed’s big day, but I felt it was a big day for me too, as I was to be Renée’s witness! You can not believe how touched I was to have been asked, and off course I was proud to be there! The day started with a joined breakfast, with everyone who’d so far arrived at Rancho Margot. Some more people were to arrive during that day, mostly people living in Costa Rica who’d decided not to stay overnight. But since many people had been traveling from afar, the dining area was buzzing with guests, excited at the knowledge of the day ahead.
Although the ceremony wouldn’t start until around 3pm, there was off course lots to do before then. Most importantly we had to get the bride ready for her big day. So after breakfast Renée, Eveline, Tanja and I headed to the cabin reserved for the bride that day and started fussing ☺ We started out with putting curlers in her hair, this was my one and only remaining task, as Tanja and Eveline had proven so much more skillful with hair and makeup. All the fussing and chatting was accompanied by some scrumptious finger food and champagne… yumm
Somehow it was 2 before we knew it and we all hastened to get the final touches just right and get dressed ourselves. Soon Renée was ready to be picked up by Ed in their brand new yellow and black 2CV (Deux Chevaux). They’d seen the car drive by at some point not too long before the wedding, with a ‘for sale’ note in the window and immediately followed in their own car and settled the deal! Apparently it’s one of only 2 2CV’s in Costa Rica, so quite the extraordinary wedding car!
The ceremony was to take place on a floating platform in a little lake at the grounds of Rancho Margot. On the platform there was space for off course Ed and Renée, the master of ceremonies, the 4 witnesses including both fathers, the mothers, the young ring bearer and the day’s nanny with Youp. Everyone else would watch the ceremony from a kind of outbuilding on the lakeshore, where they’d be sheltered from the sun.
Off course the setting was amazing, but also the ceremony was lovely. The master of ceremonies, René has known both Ed and Renée for a while and had added to his knowledge by contacting their friends, including me. I hadn’t been able to resist mentioning to him that Renée had managed to show up at the wrong location for my wedding… :mrgreen: Good thing that would have been hard for me to do at hers…it’s not the kind of tradition you want to start…
The end of the ceremony was marked by Ed pumping his fist in the air, as if he wanted to say, ‘hah, you’ve all seen it, she’s mine now, no changing that!’. The feminist in me wants to say ‘hey wait a sec…’ but truth be told I think it may have been the most romantic thing of the day. To put that in perspective I should mention that they both wrote their own vows (beautiful!!), Ed asked Renée’s dad for her hand in marriage before actually saying his vows (with the distance and all he hadn’t done that before) and within an hour Ed would be singing to Renée…she’s one lucky girl…
The ceremony was followed by cake, drinks, congratulating, group photos, family photos and more photos. 🙂 At some point the bride and groom snuck away with the photographers for their wedding shoot. I took the chance to go and change shoes (high heels may be more elegant, but I have my limits…;)) while the guests started to slowly make their way to the dinner and party area.
Just before dinner, I went by Renée to help her with the changes for her ‘evening look’. During the day she’d been all in white, but for the evening she had a few bright red accessories to pimp up her look. VERY VERY cool!
From that moment on, it was pretty much one big party. We had a lovely dinner, accompanied by pictures of the day so far on a big screen (Emanuël, Edward and Ineke had worked real hard to get a selection ready), a little sketch by Ed’s family and an amazing congratulatory movie by some of Renée and my high school friends.
At some point salsa music was in the air and I have hardly been away from the dance floor after that. Although salsa was the flavor of the first hours it soon became obvious that although us Dutchies were happy to dance on anything, we were somewhat happier with the less Latin options. Soon everyone was blaring along with Lady GaGa, Bon Jovi, Rihanna and more.
But we kept the best for last… At the end of the evening some of the guys from Ed’s hometown (and neighboring areas) in the Netherlands decided they needed to show how strong their sense of chauvinism was compared to that of us ‘southerners’. Let me explain this a bit. In the Netherlands there are very strong regional feelings of chauvinism. For example, for us girls from Maastricht (Renée, Eveline and me) everything north of Maastricht (so pretty much the rest of the county) might as well be a different country. Same, but the other way around goes for the area where Ed’s from. (I may be exaggerating just a little, but hey that’s my prerogative as a writer, right?)
So, here we have some 4 guys from what’s called ‘Westland’ (yes it’s actually in the west of NL, even though I said ‘everything NORTH of M’tricht…another symptom of that same divide in NL), with some local music they were convinced they could sing along to…wellllll…one of them could…but obviously we weren’t impressed. So we gathered all Dutchies around us except the westlanders and showed them how it’s done. There’s one southern Dutch band that’s known throughout most of NL and we sang a song from them that basically says it’s only a matter of time before all of the Netherlands speaks the Limburg dialect (Limburg being the part of the south of the Netherlands where that band is from). We basically proved them right, by singing their song with Dutchies from all over NL!
But boys wouldn’t be boys if they wouldn’t want to show their superiority…so they gave it another shot. I guess they picked a better song this time, cause at least all 4 of them sang along. But Renée had apparently had enough of all the teasing about her not being from Westland and she convinced Eveline and me to sing a proper Maastricht song. With no actual music to accompany us we sang at least a full refrain. A cappella and by head!!! We showed them superiority!!! GIRRRRRL POWER!! Hahaha, it was such good fun, I can still get high on it!
And that wasn’t even the end of it! After we sang our song Renée and Ed got hoisted upon some strong shoulders and Eveline and I sang the Maastricht anthem!!! Yeah we showed them already!
Everyone who’s now thinking ‘What the ####??’…you are getting a glimpse of the somewhat looney side of me…feel free to ignore 😉

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