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Welcome, to our site! After living for some time in Israel and then in the UK we've now moved to Germany. We'd like to share our experiences with you. We hope you have as much fun reading as we have writing.




October 2020
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Taste in the City

Taste in the CityWe’ve been discovering more and more characteristics that Tel Aviv and Maastricht share! We’d already discovered that with Purim we can witness activities comparable with the Maastricht Carnaval. And last week we’ve visited a festival comparable with the Maastricht Preuvenemint. (A 4 day festival where several restaurants from the Maastricht area offer you the possibility to taste smaller versions of their house specials.) The name of the festival translates to something like ‘taste in the city’. It takes place in a park to the north of Tel Aviv, where 2 big fields were filled with a huge number of stalls of the restaurants and diners of the city. De choice of dishes is enormous. We tried rice with lamb and saffran, rice with tikka massala, icecream and strawberries with cream. Jummy!!!!!

For more pictures see the Gallery!

Talking about tasting… Near our apartment we have 1 big supermarket and several smaller grocery shops. We’re now exploring the smaller shops. One of them, down our street, has a reasonable choice of fresh vegetables and fruit. This is where we went yesterday to do our groceries for this weekend. I’d been there before, but Emanuel hadn’t. Because it’s of course clear that we don’t speak Hebrew, the owner remembered me from my previous visit. He is very willing to help, but doesn’t speak any English. :mrgreen: So when we asked for eggs, everyone in the shop tried to help! In the end the boss figured out what we wanted, but unfortunately he didn’t have any fresh eggs. He did have hard boiled eggs. So we wanted to buy these. But before we could, we got a full explanation of why he did have hard boiled eggs… Apparently the man is originally from Jemen and there they eat on Sabbath some sort of boiled dough with tomato sauce and hard boiled eggs. So we had to have a taste of that (we didn’t have much choice really :wink: ). So we were taken to a small table on the sidewalk in front of the shop where the traditional dish was placed in front of us. With a warm ‘welcome to Israel’ and a cup of orange juice. Oh and of course this was ‘on the house’. The dough stuff was pretty nice, as was the tomato sauce. The dough can’t have been healthy, because it was a little greasy, but it was nice. The eggs were brown eggs and had a lot more taste than we are used to… :?: Anyway, another nice experience and very typical for the general treatment we get from the locals!!

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