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Welcome, to our site! After living for some time in Israel and then in the UK we've now moved to Germany. We'd like to share our experiences with you. We hope you have as much fun reading as we have writing.




October 2020
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A Hebrew name

Even in the Netherlands Aukje isn’t a very common name. But try explaining your name to an Israeli… When we had a technician here to install the washing machine (you’re not allowed to do it yourself, or the warranty will be cancelled) he off course wanted to know my name. In all the paperwork it only said Emanuel Habets and he did figure out that that wasn’t me… After telling him my name, he proposed to just stick with Habets… :roll: And even that wasn’t easy, he made it sound like ‘Abed’ :lol: (Which isn’t the Dutch way to pronounce it :lol:)
So, last weekend, while enjoying a nice piece of chocolate cake and a cup of tea with Efrat and Ari (Ari is a colleague of Emanuel in Haifa and Efrat is his wife), they proposed the name Ika. I immediately liked the sound of it and it’s reasonably close to Aukje. So, as from now, that’s my Hebrew name!! Definitely a lot easier then Aukje around here!


But except for the name there’s off course more news.
This week our pool finally opened to the residents of our block!! :cool:
Unfortunately, we haven’t had a chance to take a look. But it has gotten a lot livelier here since it opened. During the hours when there’s no school or diner, you can here children screaming, having fun. Quite nice actually!!

One of the reasons we haven’t had a chance to try the pool yet, is off course all the work we have to do in and for our apartment. By now we’ve painted the walls and are ready for the lamps, the clock etc. The study looks a lot better now too. We’ve both got a place to work now and some shelves to put our stuff on. And very nice office chairs!!


Now that I’ve got a place to work I wanted to start working from home. With a little help from my boss we now have the possibility to make international phone calls. This was a definite must have, since my computer doesn’t allow me to make a decent Skype phone call. Getting the international phone calls arranged was an adventure in itself… The company that provides us with our landline cannot provide us with the possibility of international calls. That’s something you need to arrange with another company. Very interesting!!! I was very glad with the help my boss offered!!
Anyway, although I’ll have to get used to it (I’ve overslept a few times already), I really like being able to work from home.
Just having the airco makes it worth the trouble!!

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