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Welcome, to our site! After living for some time in Israel and then in the UK we've now moved to Germany. We'd like to share our experiences with you. We hope you have as much fun reading as we have writing.




July 2021

At home in Tel Aviv

Busy busy!! 😀
We’re now almost 2 weeks back home from Hawai’i and I’d go back any minute!!
At least I would, if it wasn’t such a long flight!! 🙄
We’ve had quite some bad luck getting there…We were flying with Continental Airlines from Amsterdam to New York and then to Honolulu…but Continental overbooked both flights!! With the consequence for us that we missed our connection in New York!! As a matter of fact we were ‘bumped’ because there weren’t enough seats!!! And Continental is so badly organized that we spent most of the day at the airport, so we couldn’t even go see New York. 😡 In the end we arrived a day later in Hawai’i! Our advice: NEVER fly with Continental Airlines!!!

But Hawai’i compensated it all. It’s the perfect place for a perfect holiday!!! Favorite saying: don’t like the weather? wait 5 minutes!! We’ve had 2 weeks of sunshine everyday all day long!! And if it was a bit cloudy, or even if there was some rain, it would be 3 drops (really nothing more) and 5 minutes later it would be sunny again! Kinda fun to see how everybody keeps sunbathing when it starts raining, they’re all happy with some cooling down!! :mrgreen: In short, the perfect place for a sun-sea-beach holiday. But everybody knows that. But there’s more to Hawai’i than that, it’s perfect for active holidays as well. Of course it’s the place to be for surfers and other water sports fanatics. But not many people know that it’s also a beautiful place for hiking. And that’s something we wanted to experience. We’ve done a hike, accompanied by a guide, through the rainforest. Absolutely great!! A lot of bamboo, which can be very spooky when it’s windy, because then these sticks start ticking against each other, like someone’s right beside you! 😯 Further, there are all sorts of exotic plants and flowers growing there in the wild, like orchids, ginger, but also local (sometimes endemic) plants like the ti plant. Our guide of course also new the Hawaiian names, they are soooo funny, but impossible to remember, sorry!! He also knew a lot about birds, he could recognize their song, but unfortunately he couldn’t actually find them! 😆
Also very impressive was our trip to ‘the Big Island’. First a bit of geography: Hawai’i is a state of the USA and is in fact a group of islands. Of these islands O’ahu is the one with the biggest population, it’s the island where Honolulu lies. Most tourists come to O’ahu. The biggest island of Hawai’i is…Hawai’i, or the Big Island. This island is still growing because of volcanic activity. We seen several craters of eruptions that took place not even that long ago. The landscape around these craters is a bizarre combination of moonlike landscapes and bits of green that escaped the lava stream, or are trying to grow in the now quite poisonous ground. A lot of plants don’t really make it here and you can often see plants that are brown or even dead. The most impressive sight was the active lava stream we’ve seen. The most recent eruption was in 2003, and there’s still a lava stream dating from this moment. From a distance we’ve seen smoke rise into the air from the lava and a bit further we’ve seen the steam where the lava flows into the ocean. And this last thing causes this island to keep growing. Really a very bizarre experience, but definitely worthwhile.
Of course you cannot visit Hawai’i without joining in a luau. This is a celebration with a lot of (mostly local) food and where the hula is danced. Luckily the conference provided us with a beautiful arrangement in a beautiful hotel, supposedly one of the first at the famous Waikiki beach in Honolulu, with a beautiful view at the sea and the sunset. Here we’ve enjoyed local dishes and real hula dancing. And don’t think that’s just some swinging of the hips, because it’s a lot more than that! Accompanied by Hawaiian music men and women honored the islands that provide them with a good life. Very special indeed!

But also our stay in Hawai’i had to end. The flight back went without the problems of our incoming flight and we arrived as planned in Tel Aviv. Where it was by that time a bit warmer than when we left a month earlier. The summer has really started here, the temperatures are rising!! Long live airco!! As soon as we came home we’ve continued where we left…more cleaning and some more necessary purchases. We now have a washing machine and a desk and as from today internet!! Yeah!! This weekend we want to do some painting and put the desk together, in order to have a decent place to work.
Previous weekend we’ve enjoyed a nice holiday here, have to check again what the name was, but bottom line is: everybody makes a camp fire and has a barbeque! Dana’s brother (Dana is Sharon’s girlfriend, Sharon is a colleague of Emanuel) had found a nice spot at the beach at Netanya and invited some friends. We were invited as well. And so we found ourselves on Saturday evening (night) around a campfire, with sausages, kebab and chicken wings. And of course marshmallows! Very nice!!

Pictures will follow wiki wiki (Hawaiian for fast, yes I did remember some words!!)

One Response to “At home in Tel Aviv”

  • Corry Rademaekers says:

    Hoi lieve Aukje en Emanuël, heb jullie verhaal van de reis naar Hawaï net gelezen en heb ze helemaal in gedachten meegemaakt met een grote krop in de keel heb ik verder kunnen lezen en het laat een heel goed gevoel achter.
    We zullen nog wel meer van jullie te horen en te zien krijgen,
    groetjes Corry Habets.

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