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View of Granada with Xalteva and Maria Auxiliadora Churches and Masaya volcano in the background

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Welcome, to our site! After living for some time in Israel and then in the UK we've now moved to Germany. We'd like to share our experiences with you. We hope you have as much fun reading as we have writing.




January 2022

Archive for 'Our Life'

Laissez les bons temps rouler!!

So yes, i’m going to try this again… this time with an app, so I can write whenever inspiration strikes 😁 In my last post I mentioned that the plans for our house were almost done. They were, but life didn’t agree with our plans and here we are pretty much at the same stage […]

Important stuff!!

The drawings for our future home are almost done!!! We’ve had a meeting with our architect earlier this week and have decided on those details that have to be in the drawing when we submit it to the local council for approval. And then the real work starts: finalising the kitchen design, choosing the style […]

Joy joy joy!

I want to move now!! We’ve got a tent somewhere and we’ll just CAMP on OUR property!!! A couple of days ago we went there for a meeting about the playground that’ll be built around the corner. The meeting was very informative, but the best part was that afterwards everyone stayed for another hour or […]


Just the other day I told Emanuël how lucky I feel to have a hubby who always keeps making sure there’s adventure in our life. Sharing those adventures with friends, family and…well the world, was the reason we started with in the first place. So, you may wonder, does that mean there were no […]

New job, new wedding rings, Israel and more

I figured it’s about time I write a new post…to have our New Year’s wishes still at the top in April…mea culpa mea culpa! So, what’s happened in the last months… In one word: LOTS! January was quiet, but then it started… As per February 1st I started a new job. Finally! I’d been looking […]

Nieuwe baan, nieuwe trouwringen, Israel en meer…

Het was inmiddels wel weer echt tijd voor een nieuwe post…om in april nog steeds onze Nieuwjaars-wens bovenaan te hebben staan…Schandalig!! Dus, wat is er zoal gebeurd in de laatste maanden…In het kort: EEN HELEBOEL!! Januari was rustig, maar toen begon het… Sinds 1 february heb ik een nieuwe baan. Eindelijk! Ik ben precies een […]

Happy New Year!!!

I did it, I did it!!

I finally got it right! I’ve been trying to make my own ‘ontbijtkoek’ for a while now. Ontbijtkoek is a dutch kind of spice cake and it’s hard to get a good one outside of the Netherlands. So I figured I’d make it myself. First time I made it, it was very very delicious. However, […]

‘t is gelukt, ‘t is gelukt!!

‘t Is me eindelijk gelukt! Ik ben al een tijdje aan het proberen zelf ontbijtkoek te maken. Ik kan ‘m hier wel krijgen, maar ‘t is dan toch niet echt lekkere. Dus ik dacht, ik maak ‘m zelf. De eerste keer dat ik ‘m maakte, was ‘ie erg goed gelukt. Helaas, toen ik ‘m de […]

I wanted Israel…I got Israel…

Because we’d be traveling with 5 people plus luggage we’d arranged a big rental car. We really only needed it to get from the airport to the hotel and from Tel Aviv to Eilat. We did use it on Sunday, to go to Caesarea, but on Monday it stood unused in a parking garage in […]