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Welcome, to our site! After living for some time in Israel and then in the UK we've now moved to Germany. We'd like to share our experiences with you. We hope you have as much fun reading as we have writing.




December 2021

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Dad, this one’s for you…or because of you?

For this one post I’ll be moving away from Japan. Don’t worry, I’ll get back to it with my next posts, but I just had to write about this… Usually I don’t write about the movies we watch, the books I read etc. This has a reason. My favourite genre of books is Paranormal Romance, […]

Good weird

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad kind of weird! I loved the green tea Omochi, as well as the green tea cake, ice cream and even the green tea KitKat! Maybe different is the better word. Or quirky? What it definitely is, is clever! Okay well, maybe the green tea love isn’t so […]

Green Tea

Another favourite in Japan is green tea. You’ve already seen the green tea omochi, but we’ve also had green tea cappuccino, green tea cake, green tea ice cream, of course green tea tea…oh and did I mention the green tea KitKats? To think we’ve probably only seen the tip of the iceberg…


So…Japanese weirdness…let me show you… A very common type of sweets to find in Japan are Omochi. It’s gooey; sweet; often with green tea, jasmine, or cherry blossom flavour and it usually has a sweet beans paste inside. Take the one in the picture… The green powder is green tea powder; this is followed by […]


All right, so no short picture-post about Japan yet…we’ve had other things on our mind lately and that’s delayed things a little. End of May we got a phone call from The Netherlands, mom Wijckmans and Menno (Aukje’s younger brother) had some unpleasant news…dad Wijckmans had been admitted to the hospital. I’m guessing that’s the […]

The day after…and more

The day after the wedding was a day of relaxation. After a lie in, the group from the pre-wedding trip went to nearby hot springs as a kind of goodbye do. After all, most of us wouldn’t really meet again…unless Ed and Renée have repeat events in mind. 😉 We spent the early afternoon in […]

The big day…

And then finally…the big day! Off course it was Renée and Ed’s big day, but I felt it was a big day for me too, as I was to be Renée’s witness! You can not believe how touched I was to have been asked, and off course I was proud to be there! The day […]

Up side down, inside out honeymoon?

The day after the POCHO we had a chance to relax. After a lie in many of the guests stayed in or around the hotel. We had lunch with a whole group and checked out pictures of the previous day. In the evening we traveled to a(nother) jazz club in San Jose for the closing […]


The day after we arrived back in San Jose was all about the preparations for the POCHO. In the morning there was a meeting for the Dutch cyclists, to make sure everyone understood what was required of them, what to keep in mind and when to be where. That afternoon we went to choose our […]

From snow boots to sandals…

Yeah…there you are one day shoveling snow in your brand new snow boots… And a day or two later you’re strolling around on your sandals… As some of you know, one of my closest friends for almost 20 years, Renée, is getting married in a week…in Costa Rica!! And I’m her witness, so gotta be […]